Generally questions arises in the mind of individual about solar power/system.

What is solar energy ?

Solar energy is simply energy provided by the sun.This energy is in the form of solar rediation.Electricity can be produced directly from photovoltaic,PV cells.
This cells are made from materials which exhibit the "Photovoltaic effect" , that is when the sun rays hit the PV cells ,the photons of light excite the electrons in the cells and cause them to flow,generating electricity.

What are the advantages of solar energy ?

Reduce electricity bill,pollution free environment,lower your carbon footprint and save our planet from harmful greenhouse gases.
Solar power can be captured anywhere without creating noise,pollution.Thus no danger of damaging environment,and you can be a part of green initiative.
Solar energy is Greener,Cleaner and Cheaper....
So,Go Green - Go Solar

How much area will be required for the installation of roof top solar ?

We generally require 100 sq.ft area for a 1 kw installation.